land of the free?

oh gosh, did i think it was may day when i started up this thing? a lot of past concerns seem very precious now, but i do find it helpful to meditate on things like fear and security. things like nation and culture and home, places we thought we were safe and knew ourselves, where institutions would protect us. to this end, Internet, the personal is so political. when we write about our struggles to keep ourselves safe inside a culture that views us as vessels for the gratification of superior beings, it is resistance. so read helen dewitt's longform piece, "on being stalked." it will make you feel not-crazy. it will make you remember how the micro is macro. and it will seem like, when you read it, telling the truth is hard but not pointless, even if the only people who ever hear you are the ones who've been through the exact same stupid thing. which is reason enough all by itself.